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Icons N Banners

Icon and Banner Request for all

Icon and Banner Requests
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to IconNBanners! Give us your request, we'll make you your icon or banner!

All requests MUST have the following filled out:

The title of your post must specify if it is an icon or a banner.
Image(s): Images must be provided. If you don't have a picuture, I can't make you an icon or banner! You may also use URL links.
Background color(s): Use this code You only need this if you don't have an image.
Text on icon: Type what you want here. Do not use if you want a banner.
Text on banner: Type what you want here. Do not use if you want an icon.
Where the text goes: Right, left, center, all over, ect...
Font style: Verdana, Comic Sans MS, ect...
Font color: Use this code
Border: Yes or no?
Border color: Use this code
Border thickness: Small, medium, large?
Include username on banner: Yes or no. If yes, please tell me your user name.
Want us to be creative?: Yes or no?
Additional information: Anything else you want?

All requests MUST use an lj-cut.

If you don't know how to do this, then please click here! This is VERY VERY important!! It saves me a lot of space!!


You MUST credit who ever made your banner or icon at iconsnbanners community. This is VERY important.

These are the rules! Please follow these and everyone will be happy!! :-D


For now, the moderators are:


No more will be taken for a while.